Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

OK, we’re midway through the weigh gain season now. It all started with Halloween. If you’re like me, you started making Halloween cakes on like October 1st! So many cute ideas – so little time.

Then came Thanksgiving – turkey cakes, cornucopias, fall leaves, you name it – you made (and ate!) it.

Now it’s December, so you’ve got a whole new month to make awesome cakes. (Hey, the diet can resume in January!)

Here are a few cake decorating ideas you might like:

• Christmas trees
• Candles
• Presents – with bows, glitter, the works
• ‘Glass’ balls
• Santa and his reindeer
• Wreaths
• Winter scenes
• A sleigh
• A partridge in a pear tree
• Traditional white icing with candied fruits and decorations
• Mistletoe
• Snowflakes
• Yule logs
• Christmas stockings

Got other great ideas for Christmas cake designs? ‘Tis the season to share!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Easy Halloween Cake Decorating Ideas

Cake decorating at Halloween is the best. One reason is that it’s supposed to look scary, so if you goof, you can just say it’s all part of the creepiness of the theme! But there are also so many great ideas to try that you might spend all of October making cakes. That’s why I wanted to be sure you’d have these ideas early in the month.

Also, if you’ve got a birthday, anniversary, homecoming, or wedding you need to do a cake for in October, Halloween is a ready-made theme, which makes it really easy to come up with a creative cake design.

Pretty much anything dark and mysterious will work. Even obvious ideas are a huge hit. You could try:

• skeletons
• ghosts
• Frankenstein monsters
• bats
• owls
• pumpkins
• black cats
• grave stones
• haunted house or castle
• spiders
• witches
• the Grim Reaper
• a scary-looking hand

What other Halloween cakes have you made? We’d love to see! Leave a comment with a link so we can share some inspiration.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Snickerdoodles aren't just for cookies anymore!

Yummy!! If you love the buttery, cinnamon-y taste of Snickerdoodles, you've got to try this cake. It's going to the top of my "must bake SOON" list!

Home-Steeped Hope » Snickerdoodle Birthday Cake

Monday, August 4, 2008

Awesome birthday party activity ideas

Sure, you can drop hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on your child's next birthday party... but why would you, if you could find really fun, really easy activities the kids can do... without breaking the bank?

Here is a wonderful list of activities that would be great for boys or girls - and they come with the bonus of getting the kids moving, running, jumping, and healthier... all in time for a slice of your amazing cake!

HealthNews Blogs - Kristen DeLeo - Do-It-Yourself Active Birthday Parties for Kids

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hummingbird Cake - not what you think!

Ever had this tasty treat? Yum! Hum!

And while, sure, you could absolutely create a bird-shaped cake from this recipe, it's just a name!

Anyone know where this cake recipe got its name?

Pleasure Cooker: The best birthday cake ever!

Friday, July 11, 2008

What have kids' birthday parties turned into?

I remember birthday parties as a kid. They were the highlight of a kid's social calendar!

You found a gift at WalMart, wrapped it yourself, and showed up. You left with a belly full of pizza and cupcakes - maybe soda (the naughty indulgence!), a tiny bag of candy, and a big smile. It didn't take much to please us. Pin the tail on the donkey, telephone, maybe a water balloon toss if it was a summer birthday.

And now? Well, a party like that would have "LAME" stamped all over it. Right?

What do you remember about parties? How about now? Here's a case from Sweden that shows how out of control it's gotten.

Adults at war on kids&squo; parties | The Courier-Mail

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A lobster cake and a burger cake - Surf & Turf?

Forget the ketchup, the melted butter, and the bib! (Actually, maybe the bib would come in handy!)

Check out these awesome cakes - perfect endings for a summer BBQ.

New York City Cake Decorators Meetup: Member Summer All-Occasion Cakes