Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

OK, we’re midway through the weigh gain season now. It all started with Halloween. If you’re like me, you started making Halloween cakes on like October 1st! So many cute ideas – so little time.

Then came Thanksgiving – turkey cakes, cornucopias, fall leaves, you name it – you made (and ate!) it.

Now it’s December, so you’ve got a whole new month to make awesome cakes. (Hey, the diet can resume in January!)

Here are a few cake decorating ideas you might like:

• Christmas trees
• Candles
• Presents – with bows, glitter, the works
• ‘Glass’ balls
• Santa and his reindeer
• Wreaths
• Winter scenes
• A sleigh
• A partridge in a pear tree
• Traditional white icing with candied fruits and decorations
• Mistletoe
• Snowflakes
• Yule logs
• Christmas stockings

Got other great ideas for Christmas cake designs? ‘Tis the season to share!

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