Monday, June 23, 2008

Is it time to take a cake decorating class?

Maybe you’re just starting out. Or maybe you're an old cake decorating veteran. It doesn't matter. Once you catch the cake decorating fever, you're going to want to continually improve your skills. Maybe it's time to take a cake decorating class or two.

Hey, if you like independent study, you're covered. With all the awesome cake decorating books, videos, and websites out there, you can learn tons of tricks and tips.

However, there are advantages to taking a class that just don't happen on your own. And you might be surprised how easy it can be to find a great cake decorating class near you. Some places to look:

  • large craft stores
  • cooking schools
  • private classes with a professional cake decorator

You could even form your own class or club by getting together with other local cake decorators to learn a new skill. Just post an ad on Craigslist or Meet-Up to find them, and plan an initial meeting somewhere public so you can talk about what you’d all like to learn. (Be safe!)

What can you get from taking a cake decorating class?

  1. Feedback. Sure, your family loves every cake you make - and they believe you when you say that thing is actually a firetruck - not an apple. But wouldn't you like to hear the truth from other decorators? Feedback is a great way to improve.
  2. Instant answers. Who doesn't want that in life?! Unlike in a forum or discussion board, where you're never sure the other person actually gets what you're asking, and you always wish you could bring them right into your kitchen for more detailed answers, you can ask questions and get immediate answers in a class.
  3. Front row view. Watch how other cake decorators fix their goofs rather than just seeing the finished product.
  4. Cake decorating classes are fun! No algebra involved - ever.
  5. Eat the evidence. Hey, someone's got to, right?

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