Monday, July 7, 2008

Hot, hot, hot! Birthday party ideas for the summer

It's reached that point. You know - the time of year when it's hot and sticky outside. So hot and humid that you need to towel off twice after your shower!

The last thing you might want to do is invite a dozen kids over for a party. Can you imagine the stink in the bouncy house with a bunch of sweaty kids, no shoes, and 90+ degree weather? P.U.!!

So, are you stuck with a Chuck E Cheese birthday party? No way!! (Unless you like it there - to me it's less painful to bash my own head into a wall, but I know moms who can tune out the bells and whistles.)

Here's an article with a LOT of great birthday party ideas that won't have you steaming:

Cool birthday parties (for one hot summer) -

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Amy said...

My sister is very annoyed with the fact that her birthday falls during the summer, because she feels that it limits the type of parties that she can have. This time I wanted to give her a surprise by hosting something creative for her. Because it was going to be hot and humid, we planned a refreshing cool party for her and she was really amazed with this whole idea... Thanks to I got some innovative ideas for her. And Yes, thanks to my friend Gina that recommended it to me.