Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Think kids can't decorate cakes? Think again!

I get the willies every time my daughter asks if she can "Make a recipe" in the kitchen... alone. She's not allowed to cook, but likes to just assemble miscellaneous ingredients into... something.

It usually means a lot of sweeping and wiping after she's "cleaned up" - oh, and one time she made me a special drink in a pink glass and had me take a big sip. Salt water.

But hey, she's trying, and she's interested. And when we work together in the kitchen, she does a lot better. If we can just get her to believe that a recipe is a good thing...

Well, here's another mom who went the extra step to enroll her daughter in a cake decorating class. Check out the homework!

Little Pink Studio: Anybody want some cake?

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